Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Late, My Kid Is Screaming, and My Brain Feels Empty - Happy Mother's Day!

First there's THIS and then there's THIS, both of which wrap up motherhood more eloquently and funny than I could or am feeling right now.  Blog posts have been few lately, mainly because I've been uninspired or totally drop dead tired by 8:16, which is one minute after my kids are usually in bed.  45 minutes too late if you ask me, but alas it's almost summer and longer days mean more time outside, which one would think would result in two very tired two year olds, but nope, not my kids.  They seem to wind up at night.  Case in point, it's 11:57pm and Garrett is stirring for the second time tonight.  The first time was just a few minutes ago.  A mom would think she'd know her kid by 26 months, but dog gone it if things don't keep changing....hold me, don't hold me, snack, no snack, in, out, Daddy, Mama, Elmo, choo choo, dance, walk, yes, no, play, water, milk, juice, books, ball, bunny, bear...

Since last October we've been on a rock star schedule, naps in check, bed time down pat.  Around mid-April all bets were off.  Naps, while they still exist thank goodness, can widely vary; Garrett became Mr. Bratty Temper Tantrum Pants; and Gavin has been the king of time-out these days.  Most nights I'm up 2-3 times with at least one kid and 4:30am and I have become reacquainted again, as Garrett wakes up asking for a snack.  I totally admit that I've caved to his request because it's a battle I choose not to pick at that ungodly hour.  I also tell myself it won't last forever and if the kid is hungry let him eat.  He certainly doesn't do much of it during the day.  Although I'm finding bribery to work quite well and no, I'm not above using it.  But graham crackers on the couch or peas and black bean burgers at the Thomas the Train table or accidentally dropping an entire plate of fruit in the middle of the floor is getting old.  I'm usually awake for the day by this point, but lack motivation to do anything, which is weird coming from a morning person, so I find myself tossing and turning and wondering what I keep screwing up as I lie in bed.  So when the boys wake for the day by 6am (also new) with screams and whines and cries for no one but Daaaa-eeee the days can be long.

Anyway, today is Mother's Day.  There's 3 minutes left of it.  Everyone is in bed, my shows are over, Garrett is crying yet again, and a crazy, busy, fun week lies ahead of me with trips to the park, gymnastics class, church group, tutoring, three dinners out (3!), a trip to the zoo, substitute teaching, and a baby shower to host.  My heart is full inside after a fun day at the park, solo trips the grocery store and Old Navy, dinner with family, and tea with Mom yesterday was icing on the cake along with the truffles and gift card from my mother in law.  There's no real way to thank a mom for all she does, BUT peace and quiet is always nice, AND it's free.  Just a thought:) 


  1. Garrett might benefit from a small snack before bed like half a sandwich and milk.milk helps keep blood sugar at an even level and helps sleep, might want to try cereal instead.hope it helps!

    1. Thank you for this! Definitely worth a try:)

  2. Krissy, thank you so much for posting the link to my 50 Shades of Motherhood! At the beginning of May, I posted a picture on FB. It was my color coded calendar. (nerd alert) And every single day contained at least one activity...most days 4-5 activities. May is the new September, and I don't like it one bit. Life as I know it will not resume until October, and I hope I get there in one piece.


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