Thursday, April 5, 2012

THIS is what it's all about

There's a bumper sticker that reads, "What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about?"  There might be some truth to that if you think of the Hokey Pokey and associate it with fun, friends, and time well spent together.  It sums up our whirlwind weekend, anyway:)

Last Thursday night the Sheltons arrived with their sweet, angelic 7 month old, Emily.  I had visited Emily in October, but this was her big debut to our friends here in town.  Lori and I are friends from high school and have experienced every major milestone from age 14 and on together.  It was a real treat to have them as our guests for a few days and I took secret delight in pulling out all things baby for Emily to use!  We enjoyed dinner and playtime and each others company as we milled around the house doing our nightly routines with all the kiddos.  We were even on the same page when it came to vegging out for the evening...a little TV, a little chit chat, a little reading, and an early bedtime.  The comfort of good friends is pretty priceless.

On Friday everyone slept a little later than usual and we enjoyed time at the train table before heading to the race expo and lunch with Valerie and Jeremy.  That night Lori, Brian, and Emily headed to the Duggers for dinner and to meet the newest additions to their family, Clara and Maggie, who are almost 12 weeks old and absolutely beautiful.  In the meantime Joe and I kicked it into high gear to get ready for the next two days.

Saturday morning was race day!  I think it's deserving that these kick-a$$ runners deserve their own shout outs...

Niki (in red), wife to Dave (who I only knew as the bartender from my days at TOTS until I met Niki) and Mom to 2 year old Parker, is 37 weeks pregnant with Trip.  She's a fellow VT grad, stay at home mom, and fitness instructor at Mom's Treehouse.  Seriously, the woman never stops.

AC (in white), wife to Corey, fellow teacher friend, and mom to 8 month old triplets.  THAT, right there, is an accomplishment, and she and Corey haven't seemed to miss a beat!  This is her first race since the kids have been born. 

Missy (in black and pink), also a teacher friend, runs to enjoy good wine and good food.  A girl after my own heart.  No babies of her own because there are plenty to go around in this crowd!

Lori (not pictured below) and I ran track in high school.  Ok, we mainly just brought up the rear of the group and chatted each day at practice.  She called me in December 2010 saying she might be pregnant.  A few days later it was confirmed.  In August 2011 sweet Emily was born.  This race was her first one as a mommy too.

So we're pretty lucky that one of the largest 10K races in the country runs right by the two streets that sandwich our block and the people watching happens to be fantastic.  I had breakfast ready for the dads and bibs and t-shirts ready for the kids.  The runners said good bye to their biggest fans and Missy's husband, Chandler, kindly chauffeured us to the start line.  We got to see the elite runners and Brian, who still denies he's secretly a Kenyan, cross the finish line before even starting our race.  Just after mile 3 each of us spotted the dads, all 7 kiddos (Emily not pictured below), Nana, and other neighbors...a welcome sight at the halfway point! 
image from

Thank you, Corey, for the great shots!

Later that afternoon we hosted our annual Post 10K Cookout and I was certainly in over my head...the RSVP list indicated close to 30 adults and 25 kids...gulp.  Thankfully a gray sky kept people at bay and I was actually relieved.  Not to say that we didn't have quite a crowd, and even the 30 minute rain shower that forced everyone inside [our not so big house] didn't put a damper on our FABULOUS time!  Ever since I found out I was expecting I've envisioned large gatherings in our backyard.  When the boys were 10 months old Joe and I ripped out the ivy and trees in the back half of our yard, leveled the ground, and planted grass.  Today we have a fabulous play space for entertaining, enough to accommodate family, friends, a bounce house, corn hole, bocce, blankets for lounging, chairs for watching, and plenty of toys.  Bliss.  The boys were quite the entertainers, our last guests left at 11pm, it looked like a bomb had gone off in our house, and I didn't care.  We crashed hard, saw the Sheltons off early the next morning, and returned to bed for a couple hours before going on a cleaning frenzy Sunday morning.  By the size of the mess, the plethora of leftovers, and the great texts I received about a time well had, I'd say Saturday was 100% a success.

Sunday was not a day of rest.  There were errands, a meeting, and most importantly a baby shower to be had!  Niki is expecting baby #2, Trip, at the end of April, so a small brunch, girly chit chat, and cute gifts were in order at Cafe Mosaic

I have a frame that reads, "Friends are the family we choose on our own."  So the weekend was busy.  The days leading up to it were hectic.  But the time together was fun and meaningful.  And that's what it's all about.


  1. A few things: I am so glad you had such a nice weekend. ALMOST makes me wish I ran the 10k. ;) Emily is adorable and the triplets are so big! Who is the cutie in the red smocked shortall outfit...LOVE! And finally, did you make those cupcakes? They look great! xo

  2. wow, you ran a 10K and then hosted the after party for 30 people. you rock! :)


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