Monday, April 9, 2012

The Balancing Act

1) Balance is forcing yourself to be productive during nap time and putting the freshly laundered sheets on the guest room bed, but flopping in the middle of it for a quick round of Words With Friends on the iPad.

2) Balance is frantically prepping for, hosting, and cleaning up after an enormous, zoo-like, super-fun cookout and enjoying the leftovers the following week, resulting in not having to cook for a WEEK.  Jumping in the bounce house with the kids was a big bonus too.  Giggles all around.

3) Balance is relishing in the moment when my kids rush to get their toy vacuums as I grab the broom and Dust Buster.  Joint chores or play time?  Either way, the floors are now dust/crumb/dirt free for the moment.

4) Balance is trying to get the kids in the car only having to chase after them two yards over, but their waddle and prance-like tip toe run  is pretty irresistible.  And when Gavin goes to get in his bubble car instead of coming inside to each lunch  it might be frustrating until he looks at me with a sheepish grin between rosy, cherub cheeks with his arm propped on the roof of his car.  I suddenly fast forward 15 years when he'll be getting in a real car giving me a casual wave goodbye as he drives away.  Gulp.  Ok, buddy, let's stay outside and play in your bubble car a little longer.  Lunch can wait.  So can the day you drive away.

5) Balance is splashing in the bathtub and blowing bubbles off the boys' hands as squeals and giggles fill the air.  Messy, wet floor?  Yep.  Past bedtime?  Yep.  But when a soapy Garrett looks at me with his arm outstretched and for the first time ever utters a two syllable word, "HAP-PY!"  I feel pretty happy too.

6) Balance is surviving another temper tantrum in public and then cherishing when my boys are NOT the crazy ones at story time, slamming the cabinets or grabbing the puppets from the librarian, but instead fall asleep in my lap or snuggle in close for a story (this is rare, of course).  It's also sweating through another head-butting, collar-grabbing, pinned-down wrestling match one day and enjoying the gorgeous springtime weather, watching ducks, chasing bumble bees, having a picnic, and feeling caterpillars tickle our arms at the gardens another day.

7) Balance is setting my alarm to wake before anyone else wakes up to have the house to myself.  Some days it means going for a run before sunrise, sometimes it means getting chores/errands done, sometimes it means drinking coffee and reading People magazine.  It's time to myself before catering to everyone else for the next 13 hours.

8) Balance is dropping the kids off at the gym's child care so I can break a sweat and lift some weights.  Ok so maybe the staff had to pull me out of spin class after just 20 minutes.  But then that's balanced with an impromptu coffee shop visit, time at the playground, and browsing the aisle at the discount toy/clothing/home goods shop while the boys 'test' out their favorite items play on the floor. 

9) Balance is realizing my efforts to get out of the house early to accomplish a few errands before the boys' check up were lost when we pulled up to the ATM to make a deposit and the machine was temporarily unavailable.  OF COURSE it was.  But how nice it is to have a pay check with MY name on it.  Ok, it's not much, but it's something.

10) Balance is totally contradicting #1 and sometimes crashing at nap time just like the boys do.  My body begged me to give in, to sleep.  My swollen glands, fiery throat, and achy limbs commanded it.  On Wednesday morning at 4am I awoke with dreadful symptoms, was at the doc when the doors opened, left with meds, and by 4pm was starting to feel a wee bit better.  Despite feeling awful, the boys were wonderful...content with walks around the block, exploring in the alley, throwing rocks and mulch, chasing inch worms, inspecting ants, riding trikes, and even watching TV for an hour (cringe).  Slow days are a necessity to our often busy days.  It's all part of the balancing act.


  1. well said! You are too wise to only be 31. And oh how I remember YOU walking on anything you could balance on just like gavin (my guess) is doing up there - it was just yesterday. I swear.

  2. I too, set my alarm early in the mornings so I can have the house to myself. Usually it's just to check my facebook page, but it's soooo nice and quiet. I love it.


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