Tuesday, March 27, 2012


In the boys' short two year existence we've actually managed quite a few trips.  Big ones as far as Kansas, Florida, and Michigan.  And I've learned this:  Once we return home I need a vacation from vacation.

This year's trip to Naples, Florida to see Joe's parents, who are snowbirds there for six months of the year, was another success and we all survived enjoyed a week together earlier this month.


...An 18 hour departure trip through the night, during which Garrett cried most of the time until 4:30am.  And we were not above stopping at a truck stop at 2am or at a vacant shopping center parking lot to run around in our pajamas.  Note the boys were in fleecy footie pjs and it was 80 degrees in FL when we made the latter of the two stops.

...A doctor visit for Joe and Gavin on our second day there to treat persistent, nasty colds.  Thank you Z-pak.

...Numerous sleepless nights that usually resulted in sharing a bed with a toddler, which is pretty much like sleeping with a fish out of water.  Joe earned a scratch on his eye lid to prove it.  And did I mention Garrett learned to climb out of the pack n play and let himself out of the room mid-nap one day?  At least he restarted the Sleep Sheep and closed the door behind him and so Gavin could continue resting. 

...The stomach bug that hit Joe like a ton of bricks.

...Countless boo boos and scraped knees thanks to lots of trike riding.

...Frequent, inconsolable screaming fits and tantrums complete with Joe, Sr. asking, "Are they always like this?"

But we also ENJOYED......

...Time on the beach.
These shots are from our first night in Naples when we made our annual sunset beach visit.  It was chilly, but the boys seemed to love the sand between their toes and the drums nearby were an added bonus.
...Dinner out just for the adults (thank you to Joe and Karin's sweet neighbor, Elsie)!

...The amazing new children's museum in Naples.  Go figure I got some fun shots of the boys playing but my computer won't read the camera card.

image from pdnonline.com
...More time on the beach, naps included.

...Late afternoon dips in the pool. And what's a trip to the pool without fuzzy towels to snuggle up in after we swim?

...Happy Hours. 

...Visiting the botanical gardens (minus the fits mentioned above).  And yep, that cute little girl thinks Garrett's the best thing to see at the gardens.  Who am I to argue with her?

...Playtime with Oma and Opa and appreciating the new toys and clothes they gave the boys.

...Strolling 5th Avenue and indulging at Kilwin's.

image from newyork.seriouseats.com

...And more time on the beach.

Till next year, sandy beaches, homemade margaritas, and welcoming waves...


  1. Stopping by from SUYL! I'm mom to a 4 yo son & two & had to twin girls, so I agree that you need a vacation from a vacation when kids are involved! Looks like you had a great time though, your boys are adorable!

  2. when did those boys get haircuts? they are looking so grown up! I can't stand it.

  3. Your vacation DOES sound exactly like ours... ha ha. And you are right, you ALWAYS need a vacation from your vacation when traveling with kids.


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