Sunday, March 25, 2012

Reality Check(s)

A few of the blogs I follow deal with the hard stuff, yet their writing and perspective happen to be the most uplifting and awe-inspiring despite the hands of cards they've been dealt.  It's these reality checks that remind me to cherish my own, sweet life that much more. 

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This is my newest find, and if you read Momastery you might have come across it too.  The author a young mama, not too different than me. Until the recent discovery of cancer.

Enjoying the Small Things is another blog gone viral and it was shared with me two years ago when I was on bed rest.  I've mentioned her before because her zest, photography, and writing are decadent.

Kaitlyn's Korner was consistently shared by a friend on her Facebook page.  I found myself checking in daily to follow this sweet girl's progress. I was also blown away by the parents' strength and faith as they faced any parent's worst nightmare.

People's faith and perseverance astound me.  I don't know that I'd be so strong.

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