Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today I Love...

I skipped my morning run because I feel like poop.  Achy back, swollen glands, stuffy nose and sinuses, you get the picture.  I had to lay down mid-breakfast because a wave of nausea hit me like a ton of bricks.  Yea, that's what happens when you take DayQuil on an empty stomach.  But I still love you, DayQuil, because you got me through the morning and moms don't get sick days.  And a busy, stay at home morning it was.  Filled with marshmallow construction, 'painting' with sponges, reading our latest favorite library books (will be renewing for sure), and making a sign for Great Grandma, who is visiting in just an hour.  Today I also love PBS for entertaining my kids during snack time so I could gulp down a cup of tea with ginger and lemon as a chaser to some zinc and echinacea.  I'm hell bent on feeling better.  Because tomorrow kicks off a girls' weekend in Williamsburg and 1) I don't want to get everyone else sick; 2) I'm not missing it!  Once the rain cleared up I decided we couldn't stay inside anymore and the thought of making and cleaning up lunch was too cumbersome to handle, so we were off to Hobby Lobby.  I love that place (latest craft project coming's a gift for a shower I'm missing this weekend so I can't ruin the surprise!).  We also visited the mall so the boys could run and play, and I love, too, the lady who didn't scoff at me as Gavin fell out of the stroller onto the hard, cold, dirty food court floor (barefoot, I might add), and the fact that Garrett and I managed to survive his funky diaper change in the back of the Excursion despite the very last wipe flying away in the wind.  P.S. I'm driving the excursion because you can see what Joe did to my car below.  But dare I admit that I'm kind of loving the idea of driving a mini van next week?  Yep, I said it.

Anyway, on Sunday when everyone else is watching the Superbowl and its crazy-expensive advertisements, I'll be back here sharing about some of my favorite friends, our time together, and more inexpensive, clever, and easy gift/craft ideas.  Happy almost Friday.  Oh, I love that tomorrow is Friday.


  1. hope you feel better! Are you buying a minivan?

  2. On meds and feeling better already! Not buying a van...will just rent one while my car is getting fixed:)

  3. When you DO get the van, make sure your dad knows that he owes me $100...that was the final piece to our "1st one to get married, have kids, and drive a mini-van" bet we made something like 15 or 16 years ago. And while I know I was losing for some time there, your van purchase would seal the deal. Hehehe.... :)


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