Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pick Your Poison

In college it was beer pong, flip cup, shots of Captain Morgan, flasks, airplane bottles, ice luges, and beer bongs.  I learned a lot in five years, can't you tell?  Most of that occurred at these places...
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Post college it was white zinfandel.  The HUGE bottles.  Just for me.

When I became a mom, my aunt (and namesake) gave me this.  So perfect.

And now that my kids like to have friends over to play (and I like to have their mommies over to talk to) my drinking glass now looks more like this.

Yep, that's a quickly iced cookie in the shape of a martini.  Maybe it's time we get out for real drinks soon?!?!

Niki and her daughter joined us for some belated Valentine cookie decorating, and to my benefit it was nice out, so clean up was a breeze on the deck.

Niki and I met through a mutual friend and instantly hit it off.  Our kids are the same age and she's got another one on the way in just a couple months! On the first night we met our wine and appetizers effortlessly escalated to hanging out at the local college bar.  Until last call.  And I had 11 miles to run the next day.  I haven't puked since and I hope I don't again for a very long time.  Since then our dates have evolved and revolve around the Children's Museum, trips to the park, craft attempts, working out, music class, and lots of Sbarro and Chick Fil A. 

Our round of 'martinis' on the deck were just as enjoyable as the first round of drinks we shared a while back.  I know they don't look nearly as nice as our friend Amy's creations, but she'd be proud of our efforts.  And despite the kids being completely overloaded on sugar, a good time was had by all.  Parker thought so...she cried the whole way home saying, "My friends!  My cookies!"  

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