Monday, February 27, 2012

Mama's Monday

I think I should invest in a university style sweatshirt that reads MOM across the know the kind written in all block style capital letters displayed in an arch.  That way I don't have to justify...

-why I didn't shower this morning.

-why I'm still in the shirt I've been wearing since Saturday (but I've changed my pants, undergarments, and thrown on an accessorizing scarf and headband to help my lack of effort appearance!).

-why I enjoy sipping my coffee, shopping for cards, and planning the week's meals in the deserted aisles (minus the stock carts and stock boys) of the grocery store, even if it is only 6:45 a.m.

-why I hate the blank that reads OCCUPATION on the gym's membership form and the peppy lady behind the counter that asks, "Are you working out with us today?"  No, I always wear my black running pants and just because I have a headband on doesn't mean I'm going to break a sweat and need to keep my  hair from falling in my face.  Other than seeing you this morning I don't plan on going in public, so why should I waste time showering and getting dressed in real clothes today?!?!

-why I could school you on more dinosaur facts than current event happenings.  I no longer watch the Today Show, but instead try not to spill my coffee on the couch while watching Dinosaur Train with my boys.  

Happy Monday!  We enjoyed trucks, a play date in the ball pit, lunch with friends, and a walk down the street.  And that about sums up MOM University's to do list today.  Now before the boys wake up I must go put away the groceries that have been sitting on the counter for the past 6 hours...

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