Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Amy, Erin, Kristi, Mary, and I met our during our freshman year in college when we were in the same pledge class.  Fast forward to our senior year and we all lived in the sorority house together.  Let's clarify this...we were among the 22 girls in just 6 rooms that survived enjoyed being together a lot:)  

And while we've known each other for 13 years, it's actually been since graduating from college that we've grown even closer.  This past weekend there was reason for much excitement as we honored the bride to be, Kristi!  In 2005 when the engagements starting happening among us (Mary and I said yes to our now husbands just 24 hours apart from each other), bachelorette trips became a must.  

First it was Vegas:

Then the Bahamas:

And in the years in between there have been many northern VA weekends, kiddo b-day parties in Richmond, and New Years celebrations at Nags Head.  

So for this bachelorette round it was Williamsburg.  Maybe there was less glitz, but I can assure you that it was just as much fun.  Even if low key describes our fun these days.  And more importantly, it's who you're with that counts the most.  Seriously. 

There also happens to be baby #2 on the way for Erin and an upcoming birthday for Amy, so it was extra special that we could all be together!  

Coffee stops, a spa trip, good food (lunch at the Wine and Cheese Shop; dinner at The Trellis), plenty of wine, a little shopping, some trashy MTV reality TV, late nights and late mornings (Waking up at 9:00?  Yes, please!), and lots of chatting...all things that happen far and few between and are made even better with sweet friends!

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