Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Double the Love, Double the Fun

How does one celebrate two 2 year olds?  Oh let me count the ways....

The Saturday before their actual special day we had their birthday party and everything turned out quite perfect.  I kept it simple (decorations from the $1; delicious and beautiful cookies from a friend; and easy finger foods) and small and was able to enjoy everything and everyone.  The ball pit (inflatable pool from and second hand plastic balls - 900 for $20!) was a hit and we lucked out on the weather, allowing everyone to spill over onto the deck and into the backyard.  What was most enjoyable was watching six little 2 year olds play, run around, enjoy our house, and interact with each other.  They're not babies anymore; they're little people who communicate with words and sounds we don't necessarily understand and they giggle at each other and question each other and enjoy each other.  It was a little slice of Heaven. 

Fast forward to the actual birthday and the morning started off with a 'Happy Birthday To You' serenade.  Poor fellas.  Maybe Garrett crying by the song's end should've been our cue to stop earlier.  Once the boys were changed and dressed we headed downstairs where it looked like Christmastime again....present overload!  This is what happens when you love inexpensive, secondhand items (and can get away with it at this point) and have loving grandparents, friends, and aunt & uncle.  Birthday breakfast was homemade cinnamon raisin swirl french toast (at least Joe and I liked it; the boys made a second attempt at lunch and finished most of it) and morning snack was a free cookie from Barnes and Noble.  And never mind the meltdown that ensued when I tried to explain that they couldn't play trains and eat their cookies at the same time.  Before our visit to the bookstore we had to stop by Old Navy to pick up some gifts for a friend and outside was a lady handing out balloons.  Perfect distraction while I quickly picked up what we needed!  Not such a perfect distraction in the car, so I will not admit what was yelled said just before the damn balloons were confiscated and punctured somehow popped.  Ah, the best laid intentions.  So, while deep in my heart last Thursday was a very special day, it was also quite a typical day with my [most of the time] sweet boys.

That night Nana and Pops came over for pizza (a new favorite) and dessert: Baby Watson Cheesecakes from Fresh Market.  These were discovered by Missy when I was in the hospital on bed rest and it's what Joe and I enjoyed on Valentines Day that year...quite appropriate since two baby Watsons were on the way!  Even better now that they can enjoy them with us this go 'round.  Especially since we were on a healthy kick that day.  Once again, the ball pit was enjoyed by all and the boys got to practice their candle blowing skills, this time donning their birthday crowns!  
I'm still not quite sure where two years has gone, but my boys are my world, and it's a gift to see it through their eyes. 

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