Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Big Reveal

Last weekend we traveled to Greensboro for Baby Moss' big reveal - BOY or GIRL?  Lindsay and Brandon had their 18 week ultrasound and promptly took the picture (without peeking!) to the baker, who is a family friend that also created their delicious wedding cake.  The color of icing between the cake layers would reveal if the baby registry would be filled with pink or blue items!  The excitement and nervousness pulsed its way through the room among family and friends (dressed in pink or blue based on their prediction) as we all waited for the grand presentation...

Love that baby bump; boy onesie that says 'My Auntie Rocks' and girl onesie that says 'My Auntie is the Best'; no-sew fleece VT blanket.
Drum roll...


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