Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Double the Love, Double the Fun

How does one celebrate two 2 year olds?  Oh let me count the ways....

The Saturday before their actual special day we had their birthday party and everything turned out quite perfect.  I kept it simple (decorations from the $1; delicious and beautiful cookies from a friend; and easy finger foods) and small and was able to enjoy everything and everyone.  The ball pit (inflatable pool from and second hand plastic balls - 900 for $20!) was a hit and we lucked out on the weather, allowing everyone to spill over onto the deck and into the backyard.  What was most enjoyable was watching six little 2 year olds play, run around, enjoy our house, and interact with each other.  They're not babies anymore; they're little people who communicate with words and sounds we don't necessarily understand and they giggle at each other and question each other and enjoy each other.  It was a little slice of Heaven. 

Fast forward to the actual birthday and the morning started off with a 'Happy Birthday To You' serenade.  Poor fellas.  Maybe Garrett crying by the song's end should've been our cue to stop earlier.  Once the boys were changed and dressed we headed downstairs where it looked like Christmastime again....present overload!  This is what happens when you love inexpensive, secondhand items (and can get away with it at this point) and have loving grandparents, friends, and aunt & uncle.  Birthday breakfast was homemade cinnamon raisin swirl french toast (at least Joe and I liked it; the boys made a second attempt at lunch and finished most of it) and morning snack was a free cookie from Barnes and Noble.  And never mind the meltdown that ensued when I tried to explain that they couldn't play trains and eat their cookies at the same time.  Before our visit to the bookstore we had to stop by Old Navy to pick up some gifts for a friend and outside was a lady handing out balloons.  Perfect distraction while I quickly picked up what we needed!  Not such a perfect distraction in the car, so I will not admit what was yelled said just before the damn balloons were confiscated and punctured somehow popped.  Ah, the best laid intentions.  So, while deep in my heart last Thursday was a very special day, it was also quite a typical day with my [most of the time] sweet boys.

That night Nana and Pops came over for pizza (a new favorite) and dessert: Baby Watson Cheesecakes from Fresh Market.  These were discovered by Missy when I was in the hospital on bed rest and it's what Joe and I enjoyed on Valentines Day that year...quite appropriate since two baby Watsons were on the way!  Even better now that they can enjoy them with us this go 'round.  Especially since we were on a healthy kick that day.  Once again, the ball pit was enjoyed by all and the boys got to practice their candle blowing skills, this time donning their birthday crowns!  
I'm still not quite sure where two years has gone, but my boys are my world, and it's a gift to see it through their eyes. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mama's Monday

I think I should invest in a university style sweatshirt that reads MOM across the know the kind written in all block style capital letters displayed in an arch.  That way I don't have to justify...

-why I didn't shower this morning.

-why I'm still in the shirt I've been wearing since Saturday (but I've changed my pants, undergarments, and thrown on an accessorizing scarf and headband to help my lack of effort appearance!).

-why I enjoy sipping my coffee, shopping for cards, and planning the week's meals in the deserted aisles (minus the stock carts and stock boys) of the grocery store, even if it is only 6:45 a.m.

-why I hate the blank that reads OCCUPATION on the gym's membership form and the peppy lady behind the counter that asks, "Are you working out with us today?"  No, I always wear my black running pants and just because I have a headband on doesn't mean I'm going to break a sweat and need to keep my  hair from falling in my face.  Other than seeing you this morning I don't plan on going in public, so why should I waste time showering and getting dressed in real clothes today?!?!

-why I could school you on more dinosaur facts than current event happenings.  I no longer watch the Today Show, but instead try not to spill my coffee on the couch while watching Dinosaur Train with my boys.  

Happy Monday!  We enjoyed trucks, a play date in the ball pit, lunch with friends, and a walk down the street.  And that about sums up MOM University's to do list today.  Now before the boys wake up I must go put away the groceries that have been sitting on the counter for the past 6 hours...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Grease Monkeys

I just took a shower with both of my children and rinsed peanut butter and cornstarch out of their hair. 

Bet you've never written all that in one sentence.

Yesterday Joe flew to Chicago for the weekend for some much needed guy time.  The Van Halen concert they attended on Friday night was icing on the cake.  I got to substitute teach at my old school yesterday and fill in for a Kindergarten teacher.  I've decided to sub to get an occasional dose of what I love and miss and use it as a break from the monotony of staying at home.  It's also a break from the boys, making coming home to them at the end of the day very sweet. I was so glad to finally get a call, but consider it an oxymoron that teaching Kindergarten is what I consider a break.  It turned out to be quite a treat, though.  I taught Kindergarten for one of the seven years I was in the classroom (the other six years were in third grade) and to be 100% honest that year was absolute hell.  Only to the thanks of the other phenomenal teachers I worked with did I survive.  Kindergarten teachers are a very special breed and I was most certainly not cut from the same cloth.  My hats off to them.  Now that I have children of my own, however, my perspective was different in the classroom yesterday.  I watched these 5 and 6 year olds (who were very well behaved, I might add) and wondered how Gavin and Garrett will be in three to four years...are they going to be the class clown?  the button pusher?  the goody two shoes?  the impulsive, wild one?  the one that chases all the girls?  in the high reading group?  in low reading group?  the loud mouth?  the quiet, sensitive one?  the teacher's pet?  the teacher's nightmare?  the organized one?  the hot mess that always needs help packing up?  I would've been a different teacher if I were a parent first; but I'd also like to think I'm a better parent for having taught.  Anyway, yesterday was a treat; but I wish I could say the same for the sitter who stayed with the boys all day.

Our sitter that I lined up last semester is no longer available because her schedule changed.  She's energetic, flexible, bubbly, active, and I just get a good feel from her.  Yesterday's new sitter is nice as can be, but quiet, and a little timid.  I'm not knocking anyone's traits, but I'll admit I had some reservations in my gut.  I headed off to school and Joe had about an hour more before he had to be at the airport.  The sitter arrived a bit late, so while rushing around and showing her the house, the boys instantly sensed a big change coming on.  As if the world was ending, Garrett stood at the window for 20 minutes calling for Daddy once he left, while Gavin proceeded to scream in the playroom for 45 minutes.  I also found out that naps only lasted 45 minutes, and despite being 70 degrees out, not one second of the day was spent in the fresh air.  So d.i.s.h.e.a.r.t.e.n.e.d.  When I dropped her off I got that awkward 'nice-meeting-you-maybe-we'll-hang-out-again-sometime' feeling you might get from a guy after a first date when you full well know neither of you will be calling the other ever again.  But alas, we tried.

So the kicker...when I returned home from school the boys greeted me looking completely disheveled, but nothing out of the ordinary, really.  However, their hair looked soaking wet and the sitter was saying, "Um yea, they might need a bath."  Enter the Vaseline.  All over the furniture, floor, stuffed animals, and them.  Hair and all.  Bless her heart, I wouldn't have known what to do either.  But I would like to know the full story on how all it transpired.  But remember, she's probably not coming back again, so that scenario will have to be left up to my imagination.  Or erased all together.

Once we got back from dropping off the babysitter we headed straight to the bathtub and scrubbed down with Palmolive's Grease Fighting Formula.  Fail.  The boys happily played the rest of the night looking like Jersey Shore gone wrong with too much hair gel.  I think all that was missing were some white tank tops and gold chains.  That night on Facebook I got a slew of suggestions....for cleaning ideas and babysitter options.

This morning we were up early and out of the house so I could be downtown in time to coach the 10K running team I'm helping with this year.  Miraculously enough, the boys did great when I dropped them off at the childcare center even though all three of us got cross looks when I explained to the teachers why my children look like grease monkeys.  On the way home we stopped at Cartwheels & Coffee (genius concept; wish I'd thought of it) so the boys could bounce, slide, ride toy cars, play house, dress up, and zoom choo choos and I could enjoy a cup of coffee.  And we did just that, minus our trip to the bathroom:  Have you ever tried to use a public bathroom in the presence of two toddlers when they have access to a plunger, potty training seats, a stool high enough to reach the sink, and box of feminine products on the wall?  Give it a go...I dare you...and let me know how that works out for you.  I'll spare you the details of my experience.

So we head home for lunch.  And another bath.  I read multiple times to use peanut butter and cornstarch to help get the Vaseline out.  Against my better judgement I went for it, when halfway through the bath, I realized dumping cups of water on the boys' head was not cutting it to rinse out the peanut butter.  Time to turn on the shower.  Thankfully, we have strong water pressure.  When the shower head decides to work, that is.  Plan B...rush the boys to my shower and get in with them.  I'm not asking you to picture me naked, but can you imagine all three of us toddling down the hall into the other bathroom...the boys are freezing and their hair is completely gooped up.  Garrett even has cornstarch sprinkled on his nose and shoulder.  Oh boys.  Into the shower we go as they scream "MOMMY" the whole time.  Hair rinsed, shampooed, and rinsed again.  We dress for naps, cozy up, settle down, change the sheets (because they're greasy from last night) and all is quiet.  Minus my children smelling like the peanut dipping sauce from my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, everything is back to normal.  We'll see how their hair looks when they wake up.  It was also suggested that I use white vinegar, so that could be trial #3.  No doubt trial #4 will be buzz cuts.  That's what this lady had to do.  It's good to know I'm not alone.

Joe, I hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

I'm off for a short rest.

And in case anyone's interested, I thought this parenting article was quite fitting for today.

I do happen to love my job.  Even today:)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

And then they were TWO.

My babies are two.  And they're not really babies anymore they're little men.  They're toddlers with two speeds: 'full speed' and 'off.'  They truly are two peas in a pod with individual personalities unique to each boy, but completely intertwined with the other.  They don't call each other by name, just "Brother."  Yep, melt my heart.  They honk each others noses, stick their fingers in each others mouths, pour cups of water on each others head, sit on top of one another, race, giggle, play tag, drag each other around by the shirt collar, wrestle, fight, hide, and surprise each other.

Their Pops wrote this to them this morning:
My Boys,

Let me be the first one to wish you a HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY on your official birthday!! 
This old man can’t believe it’s already been two years since you started changing lots of lives – and my oh my, how you’ve changed them!  And all for the better. My wish for you is to keep growing healthier and stronger and bigger and faster and smarter.  You’ve got lots yet to learn and see and I’ve even got some tricks to teach you.  And finally, pretty soon you’ll have your very first cousin and you’ll have to show her all the tricks you’ve already learned.  Practice up and have your best day ever.  I know your Mama has plans for you!

I love you,
Garrett, you weigh 26lbs 9.5oz and stand 34 inches tall.  You started out at 3lbs 15oz and 17.75 inches long.

Gavin, you weigh 27lbs 3.5oz and stand 34.25 inches tall.  You started out at 4lbs 4oz and 18 inches long.

P.S. Thank you, Uncle Dick, for the fabulous shots of the boys!

And in case you haven't had the privilege of appreciating a toddler, this article might help.  Spot on.

You boys both LOVE bubble baths (and doing forbidden cannon balls) but hate to have your teeth brushed (using electric brushes have helped a little).  You go to bed around 7:45/8:00 and sleep till 6:45/7:15ish, give or take depending on the day or night.  You  nap from 1ish to 3ish (with the infrequent occurrence of a 3 hour stretch, which is quite a treat).  If you fall asleep in the car thank goodness we can transfer you easily.  No complaints from your mom and dad!  Our nighttime ritual is hectic and Gavin usually requires a visit from Daddy before all is quiet in the house.

We're working on using the stroller less and holding Mommy's hand to walk into places...sometimes it's a success and other times it's a total fail.  You'd much rather climb over the seats in the car and play with the radio buttons and steering wheel.  You love to play outside and NEED to run, jump, and climb.  We often have races on the neighbor's sidewalk and borrow our other neighbor's soccer balls.  You love to play out back on your slide or use Daddy's rakes.  Your latest tricks are to dump all the baskets full of toys faster than I can pick up after you and wear dish towels as super hero capes.  You love TV and ceiling fan remotes, pushing the buttons on the cable box and television, and turning the steamer on and off.  We read lots of books, have lots of dance parties, and enjoy Dinosaur Train on PBS.  

You can both identify:
belly button

You both can say:
Opa and Pops (Pa)
Oma (Ma)
Elmo (Melmo)
Mary Mack (Mack)
bye (with a southern drawl)
airplane (ya-yaa)
night night
banana (nana)
choo choo

You both can bark like a dog/seal, meow like a cat, grunt like a pig, hiss like a snake, roar like a lion/tiger/bear/dinosaur, cluck like a chicken, baaa like a sheep, ooh ooh and ah ah like a monkey, beat your chest like a gorilla, waddle like a penguin, stretch your neck like a giraffe, and walk on all fours like a bear.  You can run, jump off both feet, march, and do your 'funny man' walk.  Garrett, you just started doing forward rolls a week ago!  Gymnastics class here we come.

You both clap when we sing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,' 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider,' and the 'ABC's.'

You're really into books these days and are obsessed with reading Good Night Good Night Construction Site, Good Night Moon, Good Night Gorilla, Miss Mary Mack, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, I Love You More, Curious George, and There's a Wocket in My Pocket.  You sleep with your Wubbanubs, brown teddy bears, and stuffed dogs.  You two are particularly fond of two stuffed animals that were mine as a kid...a pink (yes, pink:)) bear and a koala bear (a gift from my dad when I was 7).  You're obsessed with Daddy and ask for him all day long.  You cling to me in new situations and when visitors come to our house, but warm up within a few minutes.  You are very aggressive with each other, but are much kinder towards other kids.  On the flip side, you give each other kisses and hugs and have started saying "Hi!" to one another with open arms.  I've also caught you holding hands in your car seats.  You're starting to play a little more independently and silence doesn't always mean trouble...sometimes I like to spy on you so as not to mess up your groove.  Other times when I find you being too quiet it means you've gotten into the wipes and thrown them all over the room.  You also love to clean with the wipes while you're at it, so a mama can only get so mad:)  Another favorite activity is to pull out all of the shoes from the closet and insist we wear a pair as you try some on to.  Careful, Daddy's shoes are big ones to fill.  Garrett, you seem to like to figure things out and tinker with things; and Gavin, you tend to throw something aside if it doesn't work right away.  The drill and saw from your tool bench are always hot items, as are the play kitchen and all the dish towels from my kitchen.  Coloring doesn't ever last too long, but you do love your new Doodle pads from Parker.  Gavin, you tend to throw balls with your left hand (and you have quite an arm!), but don't really show a preference when coloring or kicking.  Garrett, you have not favored one side over the other yet.  You're great at making connections between events.  Since you once shared a sandwich with Elijah, you now hold up your sandwich all the time saying his name, "Jah jah!"  Whenever you see a truck or SUV you call out daddy's name.  Any flashing light on a car you think is a siren.  Any car you see you say, "Mama."  Gavin, once you spotted a picture of a hair dryer in a book and pointed to the piece of artwork we made using a hair dryer to melt crayons.  You smarty pants boys.

You chow down on (most days):
scrambled eggs with cheese
oatmeal with cinnamon and honey
NutriGrain bars
french toast
mandarin oranges
apples (plain or with peanut butter and raisins)
kiwi (Gavin, you're fonder of this than your brother)
sweet potatoes with applesauce and cinnamon
English muffin with honey or melted cheese
grilled cheese
tortellini with spaghetti sauce
cheese pizza
veggie/black bean burger
chicken nuggets
graham crackers with peanut butter
Cliff Z bars
unsalted pretzels
smoothies with fruit and spinach
chicken salad sandwiches
peanut butter and honey sandwiches

In two years I have learned...
-to become a better communicator and great tag-teammate with Joe. 
-that I'm not as patient as I'd like to be. 
-parenting is beautiful, maddening, exhausting, all consuming, wonderful, fun, hard, and emotional all rolled into one. 
-that my own children can make me feel the highest high and lowest low in a span of 30 seconds.
-girlfriends and mommy friends are necessary.  So are date nights with Husband.
-sometimes I don't miss my kids when they're with a babysitter and they don't miss me either and that's ok, normal, and healthy.  I'm better for it when I return to them.
-an 8:30 bedtime for Mom is often necessary.
-eating out with toddlers isn't very fun.  Neither is attempting to reason with them.
-never say never.
-my biggest joy is to see something through the eyes of my boys.

You're loved beyond measure.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So long, ONE!

Here's what I could capture in the boys' last 24 hours as 1 year olds...


Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Big Reveal

Last weekend we traveled to Greensboro for Baby Moss' big reveal - BOY or GIRL?  Lindsay and Brandon had their 18 week ultrasound and promptly took the picture (without peeking!) to the baker, who is a family friend that also created their delicious wedding cake.  The color of icing between the cake layers would reveal if the baby registry would be filled with pink or blue items!  The excitement and nervousness pulsed its way through the room among family and friends (dressed in pink or blue based on their prediction) as we all waited for the grand presentation...

Love that baby bump; boy onesie that says 'My Auntie Rocks' and girl onesie that says 'My Auntie is the Best'; no-sew fleece VT blanket.
Drum roll...


Friday, February 17, 2012

Birthday Suits

The boys are celebrating their 2nd birthday this weekend and we're excited to celebrate with a few of their buddies!  Some of their friends, Ethan and Audrey, are having a birthday party too and all four kiddos will be sporting appliqued shirts made by yours truly.   
Three sets of twins born within a month of each other!  So thankful to have these families in our life.  From left to right: Bethany's sons - Connor, Hunter; Kate's kids - Ethan, Audrey; my boys - Gavin, Garrett 

I'd been searching for some inexpensive, cute shirts for the boys to wear, but to be honest, I'm cheap, and springing up to $40 for embroidered shirts with a '2' and a cute picture was just not in my budget.  After learning how to do no-sew appliques on bibs and onesies at a baby shower recently, the generous host sent me home with some spare prepped fabric scraps and I got to work.  My friend, Kate, was on the hunt for the same thing, so I offered to make Ethan and Audrey some shirts as well.  Nothing fancy, but we're pleased!  To find out how to make your own you can read my guest blog post on my friend Amy's site.

I know I'm biased, but I'm pretty sure these will be the cutest birthday suits around!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pick Your Poison

In college it was beer pong, flip cup, shots of Captain Morgan, flasks, airplane bottles, ice luges, and beer bongs.  I learned a lot in five years, can't you tell?  Most of that occurred at these places...
images from;;
Post college it was white zinfandel.  The HUGE bottles.  Just for me.

When I became a mom, my aunt (and namesake) gave me this.  So perfect.

And now that my kids like to have friends over to play (and I like to have their mommies over to talk to) my drinking glass now looks more like this.

Yep, that's a quickly iced cookie in the shape of a martini.  Maybe it's time we get out for real drinks soon?!?!

Niki and her daughter joined us for some belated Valentine cookie decorating, and to my benefit it was nice out, so clean up was a breeze on the deck.

Niki and I met through a mutual friend and instantly hit it off.  Our kids are the same age and she's got another one on the way in just a couple months! On the first night we met our wine and appetizers effortlessly escalated to hanging out at the local college bar.  Until last call.  And I had 11 miles to run the next day.  I haven't puked since and I hope I don't again for a very long time.  Since then our dates have evolved and revolve around the Children's Museum, trips to the park, craft attempts, working out, music class, and lots of Sbarro and Chick Fil A. 

Our round of 'martinis' on the deck were just as enjoyable as the first round of drinks we shared a while back.  I know they don't look nearly as nice as our friend Amy's creations, but she'd be proud of our efforts.  And despite the kids being completely overloaded on sugar, a good time was had by all.  Parker thought so...she cried the whole way home saying, "My friends!  My cookies!"  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Knock You Naked

First things first.  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  
Thank you, Oma, for our V-day shirts!
And in honor of the lovey dovey day there's these:

image from

Ree Drummond's Knock You Naked Brownies

1 box
(18.5 Ounce) German Chocolate Cake Mix (I Used Duncan Hines)

1 cup
Finely Chopped Pecans

1/3 cup
Evaporated Milk

1/2 cup
Evaporated Milk (additional)

1/2 cup
Butter, Melted

60 whole
Caramels, Unwrapped

1/3 cup
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

1/4 cup Powdered Sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  In a large bowl, mix together cake mix, chopped pecans, 1/3 cup evaporated milk, and melted butter. Stir together until totally combined. Mixture will be very thick.  Press half the mixture into a well-greased 9 x 9 inch square baking pan. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes. Remove pan from oven and set aside. 

In a double boiler (or a heatproof bowl set over a saucepan of boiling water) melt caramels with additional 1/2 cup evaporated milk. When melted and combined, pour over brownie base. Sprinkle chocolate chips as evenly as you can over the caramel.

Turn out remaining brownie dough on work surface. Use your hands to press it into a large square a little smaller than the pan. Use a spatula to remove it from the surface, then set it on top of the caramel and chocolate chips. 

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes. Remove from pan and allow to cool to room temperature, then cover and refrigerate for several hours. When ready to serve, generously sift powdered sugar over the surface of the brownies. Cut into either nine or twelve helpings, and carefully remove from the pan. 

*Adapted from the classic "Knock You Naked Brownies" recipe, based on a dessert at the Salt Creek Steakhouse in Breckenridge. These brownies don't really knock you naked...but almost.

And when I was at the store I stumbled upon a wine label I've never noticed before:
image from

Which got me thinking that a nice roast, green vegetable, decadent dessert, and good wine would be quite nice for a Valentine Dinner.  I didn't end up with a roast, but instead decided on this crock pot pork recipe (I added to this an onion, 2 garlic cloves, and a splash of OJ)  I'm now tutoring on Tuesday evenings, so I needed something I could throw together ahead of time and be ready when I get home.

And just to round everything out, our side dish is roasted brussels sprouts.  If this is a vegetable you've completely cast aside because the thought of them revolts you, try again.  I immediately think of the time I visited my Great Grandma Paulk (first name Gussie; married at 14; survived three husbands) at her assisted living residence and the place wreaked of overcooked brussels sprouts.  I'm pretty sure that's as bad as mushy, canned asparagus.  But buy a fresh bunch, rinse, cut in half, drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a little sugar and roast at 350-400 degrees until browned and YUM-O!!!  A litle crumbled bacon makes them extra yummier.  Your perception will be changed forever...super quick, easy, and tasty. 

So there you have it...reservations at Casa Watson is what we'll be doing tonight.  Simple and low key, which describes most celebrations around here and that's just how we like it.

And for the record...I'm guessing after all this yummy goodness no one needs to be seen naked.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tubular, Dude

On Friday we were at the doc's office by 7:00am so both boys could have a Bilateral Myringotomy with tubes - a.k.a. ear tubes.  We've been to the their pediatrician 17 times in 15 months for ear-related visits alone.  That doesn't count the visits (or co-pays) for well checks, RSV, Rotavirus, Bronchiolitis, Roseola, and Croup, so needless to say, we're pretty psyched about not having to see the doctor so often!  In addition to the tubes relieving pressure (Poor Gavin covers his ears and says, "Bubble."  I guess there's more popping going on than I realized.), I'm also hoping their sleep improves and their language development picks up.  Either way, healthier kids = happier mama!  

Every single mom whose kids have had tubes put in has told me it's life changing, even as soon as the drive home from the surgery center.  Well that's great for you, but that wasn't the case for us.  Go figure.  Just like the chance of having identical twins in the same sac is about 1 in 25,000-60,000 (And did you know that being boys is even rarer?!).  Just like only 4% of kids have an adverse reaction to the MMR shot lasting longer than a couple days and my children were MONSTERS for 7.  So I've learned if there's a statistic with a small percentage associated with it we'll fall into it.  I've never paid attention to statistics in my life until the birth of the boys.

Anyway, the procedure itself went fine and, as expected, the boys were pretty ticked off when they awoke from the anesthesia.  Once we got home and had some snacks in front of the TV, life was back to normal, albeit a little fussiness and tired eyes.  I wasn't sure if it would be a stay-in-your-pjs kind of day (which has never been in our repertoire - these boys gotta move!) or if we'd need to find an activity outside of the house.  Without fail it was the latter of the two, so off to the Children's Museum we went!

Shirts from Great Aunt Carol and we love them....soft, worn cotton and 100% adorable.
Certainly they'd nap well after a full morning...ha!  1 hour later they were full speed ahead again.  

Certainly that night would be restful, right?  Ha!  Gavin was up at 11:30pm and 2:30am and was awake FOR THE DAY at 3:30am.  By 6:30am Garrett woke and our day got started.  

THANKFULLY the boys were happy despite running on little sleep.  Joe and I weren't quite so cheery.  

That night we were in Greensboro visiting my brother, so the boys napped in the car on the way down and we just kept our fingers crossed for a decent night's rest...ha!  Up at 11:30pm, on the couch with Gavin by 2:30am, and awake by 5:30am.  Joe took Garrett into bed with him at 4:30am and joined us in the den at 7:00am. 

I'm quite certain the doc slipped a little something extra in that anesthesia.

After a rough, cranky (all four of us), and long drive home, all was right with the world by this morning after the boys slept soundly from 8:00 last night to 7:00 this morning.  Fingers crossed we're all back on track.  It might have helped that I was asleep before 9 last night as well:)  In the end, let's just hope these tubes are the trick to ending our frequent doc visits, antibiotic dosages, and ear pain/fluid build up!  Because that would be pretty tubular.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Amy, Erin, Kristi, Mary, and I met our during our freshman year in college when we were in the same pledge class.  Fast forward to our senior year and we all lived in the sorority house together.  Let's clarify this...we were among the 22 girls in just 6 rooms that survived enjoyed being together a lot:)  

And while we've known each other for 13 years, it's actually been since graduating from college that we've grown even closer.  This past weekend there was reason for much excitement as we honored the bride to be, Kristi!  In 2005 when the engagements starting happening among us (Mary and I said yes to our now husbands just 24 hours apart from each other), bachelorette trips became a must.  

First it was Vegas:

Then the Bahamas:

And in the years in between there have been many northern VA weekends, kiddo b-day parties in Richmond, and New Years celebrations at Nags Head.  

So for this bachelorette round it was Williamsburg.  Maybe there was less glitz, but I can assure you that it was just as much fun.  Even if low key describes our fun these days.  And more importantly, it's who you're with that counts the most.  Seriously. 

There also happens to be baby #2 on the way for Erin and an upcoming birthday for Amy, so it was extra special that we could all be together!  

Coffee stops, a spa trip, good food (lunch at the Wine and Cheese Shop; dinner at The Trellis), plenty of wine, a little shopping, some trashy MTV reality TV, late nights and late mornings (Waking up at 9:00?  Yes, please!), and lots of chatting...all things that happen far and few between and are made even better with sweet friends!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Craftastic - No Sew Fleece Blanket

When I was in the hospital on bed rest before the boys' arrival a former co-worker and her daughter made the cutest blankets as a special gift for us.  These blankets were well used over the next year and will certainly be pulled out again to serve as super hero capes and for future fort-making.  I saw the same idea displayed in Hobby Lobby last week, so I decided to give it a go for my latest craft project.  It was perfectly timed since I had to find a baby shower gift anyway and what better to give than something made by yours truly!  Too bad I couldn't attend the shower, but I'm hoping the mom-to-be and her baby girl on the way enjoy their snugly blanket as much as we did!

We did a lot of tummy time on this blanket!  Here the boys are 'talking' for the first time to each other.
I did a little Google searching and this site had the easiest directions with some how-to photos.  After everyone went to bed the other night I clicked on my favorite Wednesday night show, made some tea, and in one hour was finished!  Super easy and perfect for cuddling, reading, playing, and whatever else baby needs!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today I Love...

I skipped my morning run because I feel like poop.  Achy back, swollen glands, stuffy nose and sinuses, you get the picture.  I had to lay down mid-breakfast because a wave of nausea hit me like a ton of bricks.  Yea, that's what happens when you take DayQuil on an empty stomach.  But I still love you, DayQuil, because you got me through the morning and moms don't get sick days.  And a busy, stay at home morning it was.  Filled with marshmallow construction, 'painting' with sponges, reading our latest favorite library books (will be renewing for sure), and making a sign for Great Grandma, who is visiting in just an hour.  Today I also love PBS for entertaining my kids during snack time so I could gulp down a cup of tea with ginger and lemon as a chaser to some zinc and echinacea.  I'm hell bent on feeling better.  Because tomorrow kicks off a girls' weekend in Williamsburg and 1) I don't want to get everyone else sick; 2) I'm not missing it!  Once the rain cleared up I decided we couldn't stay inside anymore and the thought of making and cleaning up lunch was too cumbersome to handle, so we were off to Hobby Lobby.  I love that place (latest craft project coming's a gift for a shower I'm missing this weekend so I can't ruin the surprise!).  We also visited the mall so the boys could run and play, and I love, too, the lady who didn't scoff at me as Gavin fell out of the stroller onto the hard, cold, dirty food court floor (barefoot, I might add), and the fact that Garrett and I managed to survive his funky diaper change in the back of the Excursion despite the very last wipe flying away in the wind.  P.S. I'm driving the excursion because you can see what Joe did to my car below.  But dare I admit that I'm kind of loving the idea of driving a mini van next week?  Yep, I said it.

Anyway, on Sunday when everyone else is watching the Superbowl and its crazy-expensive advertisements, I'll be back here sharing about some of my favorite friends, our time together, and more inexpensive, clever, and easy gift/craft ideas.  Happy almost Friday.  Oh, I love that tomorrow is Friday.

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