Friday, January 13, 2012

TGIF the 13th

Around midnight on Thursday (so technically the start of Friday the 13th) Joe and I were on our way home from Wine Club dinner and my car got a flat tire.

Once we got home and the baby sitters left I discovered our kitchen sink was clogged.

A few hours later Joe had to get to work for a 'all hands on deck' meeting, complete with a vague agenda, alluding to a big announcement. Ok, dreadful.

And anytime Joe leaves the house meltdowns ensue because the boys are going through a major Daddy phase right now.

Ah, Friday the 13th.

I was born on a Friday the 13th, so they can't all be bad, right?


Well almost.  Albeit the boys boycotting lunch, screaming in the food court, and Gavin's total meltdown in the play area.

Our afternoon actually took a turn for better.  The boys slept for three hours.  THREE HOURS.  This is record breaking in our house.  Everyone woke up happy, a quick grocery store trip was a success, and then our friends arrived and the night started like this:

And when you have a friend that you don't have to clean up for and she can jump right into the chaos, you know she's a keeper.

Sidenote, because our nights used to look like this:

Valerie and I were actually friends in middle school, went to separate high schools, and eventually lost touch.  Fast forward 11 years later and we ran into each other at a bar, swapped numbers, and have remained close every since.  Tonight her husband was studying and mine was working on his Jeep, so what better way to spend the night together with our boys!

Which made for a very nice Friday night, indeed:)

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  1. I giggled at our past life pictures because I remember every one of those nights and how fun they were :)


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