Saturday, January 28, 2012

Craftastic - Craft Night, part 1

Last night got pretty wild and crazy...wooo hoo!  Some fellow multiples mommies came over to take part in our first ever 'Craft Night.'  Yep, craft night.  After some chatter of a much needed girls' night and the desire to show our creative side (thank you, Pinterest) we decided to merge the two and use it as an excuse to get together.  Laugh all you want, hubbies.  I hope putting the kids to bed went smoothly for you.

First things first...there's a few rules we decided to put in place:
1) The hostess mustn't clean her house ahead of time.
2) Guests must be at peace with crusted spaghetti sauce on the floor, stale Cheerios under their feet, and hardened raisins in the corner.  It's also ok for guests and host to have unidentifiable dried food on their clothes.
3) Artistic ability not required.
4) Cheap project ideas appreciated.
5) Snacks optional, wine required.

Secondly...who are these gals that make me feel so normal?

Bethany and I met in November 2009 when we were both furniture shopping.  Our husbands shot each other 'oh-my-gosh-what-the-hell-are-we-doing?' looks from across a nursery display and we all got to talking, only to quickly find out we were both expecting twin boys just two days apart.  Fast forward four months later.  Garrett and Gavin were almost three weeks old and two babies (fraternal boys) were admitted right next to them in the NICU.  It was oddly busy and noisy that night in the NICU and these newborns definitely let us know they'd arrived.  The next morning I recognized Bethany and her husband from our furniture shopping adventure and we immediately reconnected.  We got to know each other much more over the next three weeks as all four of our boys spent some time in the hospital.  On April 1st both of our families were was quite an amazing Easter weekend that year:)  These days I get together with their nanny and all the boys for play time at the Children's Museum or at Maymont and our families remain close.  Bethany and I frequently share 'is this normal' emails and texts; dinner get togethers are a circus show; and double date night (sans kids) is a real treat..seriously, thank goodness for chance encounters!

Amanda has triplets (identical boys, fraternal girl) who will be 3 in March.  Coincidentally, I went to high school with her husband and brother-in-law, but we actually got to know each other through a mutual friend (who's now a twin mommy herself!).  Amanda was one of my angels when I was on bed rest in the hospital and a true source of support after the birth of the boys as we navigated our way through the NICU since she'd been down a much more trying road the year before.  She's supplied my boys with over half of their wardrobe since we don't shy away from hand-me-downs and she's my impromptu play date and Starbucks drive-thru buddy. 

Carianne has identical girls who are 15 months old.  Carianne reached out through our local moms of multiples group while she was on hospitalized bed rest (in the same room I'd been).  We chatted over email and set up a time for me to visit.  I could relate all too well what it was like to spend hours on end in room 381 with its hideous green and pink floral wall paper staring right back.  I often wanted to throw the overcooked green beans on my plate at the damn wall.  Turns out Carianne did too:)  The day I paid her a visit Carianne was about 32 weeks along.  I'd planned on sharing some magazines, a baby gift, and any helpful advice to ease her mind.  When I arrived the lactation consultant was in her room and I remember thinking how tiny Carianne looked for carrying twins.  She also looked pale and tired, but sitting in a sterile hospital room for an extended time can do that to someone.  Little did I know she'd delivered her girls the day before!  Healthy and stable, but tiny and premature, nonetheless.  Her husband explained what had happened and I suddenly felt ruder than rude barging in on her less than 24 hours after delivery with my silly, frilly tissue paper filled bag.  Not to mention I had two restless boys in their stroller as well.  Her tired, pale, frail look all made sense.  We stayed in touch throughout her girls' NICU stay and I had the pleasure of having a sleepover with them once they were all home since Dad had a business trip.  These days we like to meet up at a coffee shop complete with a kids play area (genius concept!).  Frozen yogurt happens to be a favorite spot too, as are each of our kids' playrooms.  

And thirdly...our reason for getting together...a craft project!  We decided to create a way to hang/organize/display hair bows using a strip of ribbon attached to a decorative letter (first initial of the recipient's name).  Scrapbook paper, modge podge, ribbon, wooden letters, embellishments, staple gun, and PRESTO!  Oh, and the wine, chips and dip, and cookies were an added plus too.  Not to mention the good company.

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