Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cabin Fever

For the record I spent majority of nap time today (which, to my benefit right now, is lasting longer than normal) writing this post.  I saved it for later to add a video clip, came back to it, and it's gone.  Gone.  I'm kind of sweating right now and want to throw the computer out the window.  It makes me feel like my only 'me-time' of the day was a total waste and my mind is kind of a blank slate again.  Blogger, I hate you right now.

The gist was this...(minus the clever commentary or side-tracked stories to boot):

Even though today is sunny and 60, the last three days have been cold, wet, gray, dreary, and damp.  This results in no wagon rides, no playground visits, no races down the sidewalk, no kicking the neighbor's soccer balls, no bike riding, and no running through the spider grass that grows wildly at our curb.  When we do venture out it requires moving at lightening speed to get from the car to a shelter, be it the mall, children's museum, grocery store, library, or restaurant.  Enter cabin fever.  

Plan A: couch bouncing.
Plan B: 
crafts (thank you, Joy!)
Ok, so it's a little horror-like, but we're calling it art.
 And plans C, D, E, and beyond:
having friends over to eat breakfast for lunch
playing with Nana
story hour
visiting the ENT (tubes coming next month!)
watching football
music class
coffee break at Chick Fil A
playing catch
building a fire
exploring new library books
climbing (no sitting) on our just-right-size chairs
perfecting our bear walks and penguin waddles
unrolling toilet paper
trying new snacks
playing mailman
reciting reading Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site
practicing new animal sounds, namely sssssssssssnake 

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  1. I love Garrett and Gavin flying through the air onto the couch pillows. This looks like good early training for The Amazing Race! I think they could be the youngest and first set of twins to win!


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