Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bun in the Oven (NOT my oven)!

My great grandparents had 10 grandchildren. 

The Orrico Clan

My grandparents have 7 grandchildren (Brandon and I not pictured).

Madeleine, Jordan, Alex, Charlie, and Sam

And as of this summer my very own parents will have 3 grandchildren.

So the cat's out of the bag.

Garrett and Gavin have a cousin on the way!

My BROTHER is going to be a DAD.

My brother, who smeared my friend's new jean jacket in the mud and gave her a bloody nose the first time they met.  My brother, who made his first grade teacher laugh so hard that instead of reprimanding him she had to excuse herself into the hallway to compose herself.  My brother, who chased me around the yard with a gardening hoe until it landed on my head.  My brother, who fell off the high dive, landing on the cement, nearly giving my mom a heart attack.  My brother, who used to read the encyclopedia for fun.  My brother, who used to play 'ring and run' with me and hide in our backyard Army tent.  My brother, who cleaned up too much after the parties he threw, totally blowing his cover to my parents.  My brother, who used a red pen to make my Barbies anatomically correct (sorry Mattel, you forgot the nipples).  My brother, who read my diary in 6th grade and spied on me from the attic in 9th grade.  My brother, who used to ride his bike next to me as I logged miles before volleyball tryouts every summer.  My brother, who stole every base possible in our front yard kickball games.  My brother, who was paid off with a mere $20 to keep quiet about my friends and I sneaking out.  My brother, who used to be one hell of a first baseman, had a damn good forehand on the tennis court, and still hits the heck out of the ball on the golf course.  My brother, who only called me in college to borrow the car.  My brother, who still only calls when he needs something.  My brother, who invited me to 99 cent wing night and watched movies with me as I pouted over a ridiculous over emotional break up.  My brother, who can play the trombone and piano and actually has a decent voice if he weren't so shy about his musical talent.  My brother, who coasted through high school and then graduated from college being able to recite math equations and trigonometric functions as easy as the rest of us say the Pledge of Allegiance.  My brother, who became a neat freak the day he became a home owner.  My brother, who I used to beg to do the Truffle Shuffle until he dropped some serious weight and got buff.  My brother, who can't relax and watch a Virginia Tech football game at the same time.  My brother, who can drink bourbon like it's water.  My brother, who until recently thanks to his dear nephews, had never changed a diaper in his life.

My BROTHER is going to be a DAD.

Now of course none of this could be possible without his wife Lindsay, who happens to be the kindest, prettiest, most patient and tolerant thing that's happened to Brandon.  And her sweet tea southern accent is icing on the cake.  The smartest thing he's done was to hang on to her.  When they got engaged I was as giddy as a kid in a candy shop.  Their wedding was a blast.  And there was no doubt who the boys' Godmother would be.  So, with the news of a baby on the way I'm over the moon!

And baby makes 3! 
Buckle up, get ready, and enjoy the ride:) 
Baby Moss will make its debut in July.


  1. yay!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad she finally announced it:)

  2. This made me cry! I'm so happy for them and for your family. From Vicky

  3. Congratulations to all of you! So happy for your family. -Amy

  4. I totally remember him stealing the bases in front yard kickball!! Congrats Brandon!!! :0) Joy


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