Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oooooh boy!

When I found out I was having boys I kind of had a meltdown.  I wasn't disappointed.  I was shocked.  Our family was suddenly defined.  What was I going to do with two wild boys running around the house?  I love boys.  I had 15 out of 24 in my class that year.  It must have been a sign.
22 months later I couldn't imagine my life any other way.  Our days are filled with couch jumping (yep, I gave up that battle), sword fighting (oh gosh, wait until potty training begins and sword fights will take on a whole new meaning - gulp), truck racing, fire truck noises, airplane sightings, ball throwing, dancing (think Forest Gump imitating Elvis, running, playground visits, races down the slide, bike riding, adventures in the alley, trying on hats, loving on teddy bears, building and destroying towers, playing with trains, taking wagon walks, 'cooking' in the kitchen, working on the tool bench,  and meeting up with friends. If we don't have an action packed day sleep doesn't come easy and the walls start to close in on all of us.

In a nutshell
Ready, set, go!


Yes, a crib tent fort to contain bouncing babies:)

Smoothie catastrophe.

Sword fight!




Food fight.  Ugh.

Truck book+construction hat+no pants+snack+milk = happy kid.


  1. krissy, i can soooo relate to this. cyclone sam rips through my house every day & if i survive, i usually fall face first into bed wondering what happened! he is so sweet, though, and i truly do love every moment. the picture of one of your boys eating his snack without pants reminded me exactly of sam. he usually has some costume jewelry on, too--gotta love big sisters:)

  2. I still try to do the airplane, but it just about kills me! Jacob is doing it now with his dance partner......unbelievable! Debbie Halloway


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