Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Launch of the USS G-Force

Are you ever stopped in your tracks wondering, "Is this my life?" for reasons good, bad, happy, sad, funny, mundane, insane...

-When I graduated from college and was living in an apartment with my girlfriends driving to work each day on the interstate I sometimes got that feeling...oh my gosh this is the rat race I've always heard about.  

-But I also got that feeling when I ran across the Sydney Harbor bridge at sunrise and hiked the Swiss Alps one summer.  Wow.  

-And when I got married and moved into a charming home with my handsome husband that feeling returned - this is mine, really?

-When I taught kindergarten and in one day I had a bleeder, puker, pooper, and masturbater all before noon.  No way did I learn how to handle this in my college classes.

-At each ultrasound during my pregnancy I always felt like I was watching someone else's story unfold.  How did I get here?  Life happens, sister.

So tonight that feeling returned with full force.  Let me digress a little so you get the picture.  Joe left bright and early this morning to head to Fed Ex Field with some grad school buddies to watch the Redskins and Jets play.  A full day with the boys on a Sunday is kind of like my Monday.  By 9:30am I got a call from Joe saying that his car was in a Target parking lot two hours from home and it was dead as a doornail.  But he already had it all figured out...after the game he and a buddy would install a new alternator and head home tonight.  Because everyone has a friend nearby with car tools and the good nature to run out and buy a new alternator, right?!?!  Anyway, good thing our day was chopped up with family to play with, trucks to look at, and neighbors to chat with.  And then this afternoon my mom called asking if I wanted some alone time.  Alone time?!?!  Ok, twist my arm.  I wasn't having a bad day, but she said I deserved it.  I didn't really think I did since I'd just lost my cool with the boys at lunchtime, but maybe her mom's intuition let her know I did indeed.  Turns out someone above must have had a plan because had Mom not come over this afternoon to let me enjoy my first ever hot yoga session I might have not remained so zen when

the. submarine. launched.      
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The boys wanted bubbles in the bath tonight.  Happy to oblige.

But just after I'd finished mopping up the XL cup of water Garrett spilled over the edge of the tub onto the floor it happened.  We don't have brown bath toys.  We have brightly colored squirt animals, red blocks, and a few old cups from the Greek Food Festival.  But not brown bath toys.  Yep he (I don't know which boy) pooped.  This has happened twice, but Joe's been home and through fits of laughter and "What do we do?!?!" the two of us always manage - one cleans up and the other tends to the boys.  But solo...what the heck?!?!  So it was like lightening that I scooped up both naked, soaked boys and ran into my bathroom to fill the tub and re-clean everyone.  They shivered and asked for more bubbles as their second bath filled, but this time Mommy was on a misson.  And once everyone was dry, warm, and in bed clean-up ensued and all was right with the world again.  

So I ask you, "Is this really my life?" 

I guess it all could've been worse...Joe could've been stranded overnight and we could only have one full bathroom in the house:)  I'm thinking my aunt's Salted Caramel Martini sounds pretty damn good right now. 

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