Friday, December 2, 2011

In the Air There's a Feeling of Christmas...

Last Monday we were in shorts and by Friday we wore layers and our winter coats.  The holiday wreath dons the front door; our "Merry Christmas" sign is in the front yard (never mind that I stuck it in a pot with the dying pansies...the pic below with the snow is from last year); the giant stuffed snowman is perched by the fireplace (ironic spot, eh?); Advent calendars arrived from Oma; and the singing/dancing Gingerbread Man and Frosty have made their annual debuts.  The decorations stop there for now, but Christmas momentum is building.

We received our first holiday card of the season on the 1st of the month (leave it to Cherie to be so on the ball), which got me thinking that I need to find a new way to display them all this year.  No longer will my twine and sparkly garland work around the doorway with two toddlers running around destroying most of what's in their path.  So we're going with a homemade memo board, courtesy of yours truly.

We visited the magical Garden Fest of Lights at the botanical gardens the other night, met up with friends, and enjoyed hot chocolate while exploring the light maze, walking through tunnels of twinkling lights, listening to Christmas music performed by a local youth orchestra, watching trains zoom around their lifelike displays, and admiring candy cane trees.  I admit that I was giddy with excitement to finally do this, as we've seen workers getting ready for their annual display since the end of summer.

taken by Lisa Stnons

Christmas music is now playing around the clock.  My top 5 picks are...
1) Faith Hill's Little Drummer Boy
2) Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas (Dare I admit that Molly and I used to blast this year round?)
3) Kenny Loggins' Celebrate Me Home
4) Silver Bells
5) Imagine (I'm well aware this isn't a holiday song, per se, but 'imagine' what the world would be like if the Christmas spirit shined so strong in people's hearts all year round?!)

Friday was a day of shopping at our local Bizarre Bazaar, which means an insane amount of women in their finest bedazzled holiday sweaters spending gobs of money on monogrammed gifts and sampling countless dips with pretzel sticks.  But I found a few good things too and managed to survive all four buildings.  The company was fun and Mexican dinner that night quickly cured my sore feet and back.  And thanks to Uncle Brandon and Pops for watching the boys, changing three massive diaper bombs to boot:)

Last year we took the boys to Santa Brunch (yes, also at Lewis Ginter) and couldn't resist going back again this year!  It was a smashing success (kid friendly food, scrumptious gourmet treats for the adults, and um, a chocolate fondue fountain, yes please!) and it now FEELS like the holidays.  The boys wore the sweaters that Oma knitted and their 'dress' shoes (a lucky consignment find), ate their weight in cookies with sprinkles, and liked watching Santa from afar but weren't quite sure what to make of him up close. 


Time to go hang the mistletoe.  Merry, merry!

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  1. I LOVE the shot of the shoes! They KILL me :-) AND I love those Cheeto cheeks those boys have in every picture. You had those cheeks too Krissy. Please tell Karen I said the sweaters are spectacular.


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