Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Welcome to Mayberry

Ok well I don't really live in Mayberry, but there's something to be said for where we live...street lights line most of our roads; old trees create a tunnel to drive through just a couple streets over; neighbors welcome each other into their homes for Sunday afternoon football watching; and the moms gather on the block around 5:00pm, wine in hand trying to hold it together just a little longer, waiting for everyone to get home from work while the kids roam in the yard.  

If it really were Mayberry those moms would be inside getting dinner on the table in their perfect house dress, pearls on and lipstick freshened.  Hello, June Cleaver.

In all seriousness, I LOVE where we live.  Today's naps were near non-existent so plan B resulted in yet another wagon ride to get some errands done.  Sans car...love it!  The boys get fresh air and I burn some calories - it's a win, win.  We can walk almost anywhere from our house and in less than a mile pretty much get to whatever we need...4 playgrounds, the grocery store, Ben Franklin, the bank, Chick-Fil-A, Dollar Tree, Panera, Dairy Queen, Starbucks, Moe's, and Old Navy, just to name a few.  Can you tell where my priorities are?  My husband's logic is that if a little retail therapy from Old Navy or Ross (gotta love a cheap find:)) keeps me happy and sane, then he supports my spending because it's cheaper than a sitter.  I'll admit that I might not be the trendiest mom out there, but I'm practical and comfortable (I guess that might equate to boring too - yikes!).  

The UPS man knows not to ring my doorbell if he stops by between 1:00 and 3:00 (duh, nap time!).  The mail lady used to pop in everyday just to see how the boys were growing and after I gave her some homemade muffins at Christmas last year she hand wrote a personal thank you note.  Her name is Pearly - does it get any sweeter than that?  We know the regular walkers in the neighborhood and most of their dogs by name.  When the boys start elementary school we're close enough that they can walk to class.  I can be on the interstate heading in any direction in less than 2 minutes.  On Thursday I'm meeting some girlfriends for dinner and I get to walk just down the street (hello, vino!).  And because our town is such a bubble, you're bound to have gone to high school or elementary school with someone within a block of your house.  This could be good or bad, depending on who you are:)  Having the flexibility to get out and do whatever whenever has truly been my saving grace since staying at home full time.  And the walking, walking, walking certainly help shed the babies weight!  Next up is exploring our neighborhood by bike after I find a trailer to load the kids into...our shopping possibilities just expanded...

Ah, home sweet home:) 

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