Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Time!

Dad got out the 1992 Bon Appetit for all of our 'usual' recipes; Mom set up and decorated.

Family gathered.

 Old stories were shared.

New ones were made.

 And we all rested in ways we thought best fit for the occasion.
I'm attributing my current writer's block to a Turkey Day food coma and its leftovers, a cold that's left me brain dead, and the impending stress of the mile long to-do list with which Christmas introduces itself.  BUT it's still November, which is why I did not brave the Black Friday sales today or pull out the Christmas decorations.  I will leave my harvest wreath hanging a few more days and will not listen to Lite 98's holiday tunes until December 1.  

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We should all be thankful for
those people who rekindle the inner spirit.

--Albert Schweitzer

 And that I am...for family near and far; friends old and new; 
and most importantly my boys. 

I was recently talking to an old friend and we both agreed that life is so good we sometimes pinch fortunate we are to realize our greatest blessings.

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