Monday, November 21, 2011

No plans? No problem!

We woke up without any plans today.  A holiday week ahead of us and no special, festive way to kick it off.  Until I got to thinking and ended up with a jam packed day...

After the boys' ritual breakfast (scrambled eggs with cheese and waffle/french toast and fruit/Nutrigrain bar) we loaded up in the wagon to go watch the trucks (TRUUUUUUUCKS!).  Road work has been going on near our house for the past few months and the countless construction vehicles have provided hours of entertainment for the boys.  So much that I had to make a few purchases at Barnes and Noble so I could learn to call the trucks by their right names...digger, loader, back hoe, excavator, roller, sweeper, etc).  We can hear the trucks roll in each morning and it's all the boys can do not to let themselves out of their cribs, run down the stairs, and make their way out of the house themselves!  TRUUUUUCKS, TRUUUUUCKS, TRUUUUUCKS!  'Digger' is also part of the boys' regular vocabulary:)  To say they are obsessed is to put it lightly.

Then it was off to music class to sing some songs; play with Miss Nancy's scarves, turkey stick puppets, shakers, and bounce balls; and even partake in the "Skinna Marinky Dinky Dink" song (did I really just admit that?).  This is a drop-in program that's relatively inexpensive and is also down the road from the Chick-Fil-A, to which I have coupons for free chicken sandwiches - perfect drive-thru lunch stop!

We added our chicken sandwiches to the picnic lunch I'd packed and headed to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.  Ever been?  You MUST!  When the boys were just a few months old a friend mentioned that "the boys and I would just love it!" and I have to be honest, I thought, "What's so great about some gardens?"  HA!!!  What's not amazing about this place?!?!  We started going regularly this past spring (a membership has been 100% wortwhile) and it's like a little piece of heaven.  There are new places to discover on every visit!  Our particular favorite spots include the sandbox, water play (when temps are above 70), the stick house, and the numerous open areas to run, race, hide, and explore.  I'm particularly excited to experience their Garden Fest of Lights Show during the holidays and taking the boys to Santa brunch again this year.  Did I mention I LOVE this place?

Finally it was time for naps, but only after singing the whole ride home.  Do these boys ever slow down?  In the afternoon we visited some identical twin girlfriends and checked out their new playroom and laughed over slobbery kisses from their dog:)  Before returning home we dropped off a meal for a family in need and finally made it back to our house in time to play in the dirt outside before having dinner.  

No plans for the day...HA!

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