Friday, November 18, 2011

'Mom/Wife of the Year' Goes To...

I'm usually very on the ball.  I'm a planner and try to stay a step ahead.  I'm thorough, careful, and organized.  

I used to be anyway.  And then my kids came along.  And somewhere along the way I lost a good chunk of my brain.  If I remember to eat breakfast and put the laundry into the dryer that I've already had to re-wash twice because I forgot it was in the washer in the first place it's a good day.  

So when today happened I just had to admit defeat.  And laugh a little.

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1) I locked my keys in the car.
2) I locked my phone in the car too.

3) All of this took place right around nap time.
4) I called my husband from unknown number 15 times.
5) I spent 25 minutes outside with two toddlers without coats (it was supposed to be a run-in-real-quick kind of trip) and no toys or snacks for distraction while waiting for husband to arrive and save the day.  And he did so without grumbling (to me anyway).  Did I mention I pulled him out of an important meeting?
6) After falling asleep in the car the boys only napped for an hour.  Is it wine o'clock yet?


1) I got in a good workout at the gym this morning.
2) The boys and I had a great time at the Children's Museum this morning with Cherie and Elijah.
3) Lunch was also fun with our friends.
4) The boys were oddly chipper at Hobby Lobby while I browsed the clearance section AND waited patiently while I spent 7 minutes making those 15 phone calls.
5) Before Mommy's big blunder I had just changed the boys' diapers and knew they were content with a full belly since we'd just eaten lunch.
6) I happen to have an amazingly patient, willing, and understanding husband WHO PICKED US UP AND SAVED THE DAY.
7) It's a gorgeous day out and it's Friday.
8) As I write the boys are peacefully napping upstairs...see #5 above.
9) Tonight is girls' night!
10) At least I got this at 80% off at Hobby Lobby...anything for a deal, right?

Clearly the 'ups' outweigh the 'downs,' so really, who can complain?  And if this is the worst imbalance in my life, then I'm a lucky girl.


  1. Awesome! I once locked Sarah in the car and couldn't reach Andrew to save my life. She was all buckled in her carseat. Took about 45 minutes of me singing like a fool, etc outside the window for a locksmith to come and get her out. Sounds like you all did great!


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