Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Get Connected

After much encouragement over a long period of time I figured I'd give it a go...blogging.  I can't say I have a particular focus, but with cooking, baking, traveling, being with friends, enjoying family, taking snapshots, and chasing after two toddlers I think there's some good material in the making.

So, it's official...we have a blog (say this in your best Apollo 13 tone..."Houston, we have a problem.").  And blogging is so 21st century.  Can you imagine actually having to wait to hear back from someone through snail mail?  With texting, instant messaging, email, Skype, Face Time, Google chat, etc, etc. we can find out what we want when we want.  We're always connected.  But it also sometimes disconnects us when we should be more tuned in...like at the dinner table, on family vacation, or playing with our kids.  Put the phone down, close the lap top, turn off the iPad.  We're all guilty.  So, I figured for our first blog post why not bridge the generational gap, and I mean doing so in more ways than one.  

Let me introduce you to my grandparents...my mom's parents...Charlie and Janelle...married over 50 years...each in their 80s.

They are strikingly attractive; witty and humorous; active with golf, bridge, and gardening; and don't stay put for too long, as they enjoy to travel.  And they're CONNECTED...they have cell phones, can text, and have a Facebook account.  So despite the "kids these days" comments we often hear from our elders, they do indeed keep up with the best of us.

But today we connected in an even better way.  We hung out.  Face to face.  FAMILY MEMBERS ACROSS FOUR GENERATIONS chatted without having to hit the 'send' button after each thought or typing 'lol' each time we found something funny.  Garrett and Gavin showed their great grandparents how they could make siren noises like a fire truck, quack like a duck, and ate Great Grandma's french fries right off her plate.  We played in the kids' area at the mall, scoffed at the too-early Christmas decorations on display, and got a kick out of watching the boys eat their lollipop treats from Great Grandpa.  

We organized our play date over email, thank you technology; stayed in touch by phone on the road (well, we tried...Grandpa hasn't quiet set up his voicemail yet:)), thank you technology; but spending time together was today's best connection of all.  After all, not everyone gets to hang out with their GREAT grandparents on a whim.

And what did I do when we got home?  Sent Grandma and Grandpa an email and a picture of the boys, of course.  Because we've got to stay connected, right?:)

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  1. Hurray I am so glad you have joined the blog world. I love the font you selected for your titles and of course the background is perfect! Charlie and Janelle are looking GOOD -and I love the looks on the boys faces!


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